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This map dives into the journey of Justine Charland Saint-Amour. It is based on interviews with her friends and shows the main elements that shaped her life journey (sea, boats, adventures) as well some of her favorite places as such promenade Mason and Lachine Canal. 

Ghost on the road.

On August 22nd, 2016, Justine St-Amour was hit and killed by a truck as she waited to cross the street on her bike. She was 24. Justine is just one of eight people in Montreal whose lives have been commemorated with “Ghost Bike” memorials. The locations of their deaths is  shown with a classic grid map and location markers. Yet, the intricacies of their lives--and deaths--are left to the imagination. PlaceDive uses an alternative approach to cartography to do the deceased more justice by incorporating emotional-affective information that not only brings them to life in space, but serves as a tool to prevent further bicycle-related deaths. This project was presented at the NACIS, 4th Space, and the AAG where it won the 2nd place for the illustrated paper competition.
Where is this project going? By doing interviews with family and friends of the deceased, we aim to produce an audio-walk that commemorates the deceased and creates empathy. If you have a story to tell, contact us! 

"The Ghost Line" is a conceptual illustration that reveals the journey of existing ghost bikes, before diving into the story of each.

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